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Logistics Improvement

Logistics is an area that most companies searching for ways to reduce its cost. How to optimize routing? How to setting up your own fleet or outsourcing them.  How to implement fleet management system (FMS) and transportation management system (TMS). We have experiences in lower Logistics cost ranging from SMEs to Large Enterprises e.g., King Power, BoonRawd Brewery


Supply Chain Optimization

Increasing competitive advantage is a key challenge to all companies. It requires a tremendous amount of effort and technical knowledge in order to reduce overall cost throughout the Supply Chain. To make your pain goes away, we have an elite group of people that can help you to achieve your goal. Our short list of clients that used our services are King Power (Full supply chain assessment and provide short to long term initiatives and plan), Boon Rawd Brewery (Network Optimization), Carabao Daeng (Transportation Outsourcing Justification), PTTPM (Develop Export Easy Systems)

TQA Consultancy Services

Thailand Quality Award is a prominent and prestige award in Thailand. It adopt a full framework from Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) from the United States of America. The framework itself is a solid framework that can help most companies to excel over their competitors in all aspects. (To learn more, you can go to TQA.  If you need assistance in helping you implement this framework. Please give us a call at 02-115-1315 (Orawan Panthong - Faii)

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